Baby Hat-Christmas tree

CUTENESS!!! This is a Debby Ware pattern made with Cherub DK. LOVE IT!! I know I’ll make more of this hat!:flirt:


CUTE! I’d like to see it on the baby! :teehee:

So cute!! Tis the season to be thinking of this sort of thing.

No baby yet (we’re working on that one) but I will have my cat Phoebe model it for yahs!

What a fun, cute little hat!

What a cute hat!

That’s reallly adorable!!

Ok Phoebe couldn’t wait for me to take her picture in the hat so here she is… And the booties from the same book.

To cute!! I love the booties :happydance:

hahahah… that’s a GREAT Picture of the cat!!

I made something similiar to this last year… The lights weren’t as defined… I like this tho.

Wonderful hat and booties–I especially love the soles! My favorite part of your picture was seeing the Cabbage Patch in the background, wearing a handknit sweater. Love it!

That’s too cute!!! :thumbsup: The cat looks REALLY thrilled to be wearing the hat :teehee: But please don’t attempt to put the booties on the cat :noway:–great way to end up at the ER!! :rofl:

I was going to use the doll(which I’ve since I was 9) to model the hat but she’s only a preemie and it was too big :teehee:.