Baby hat and ..stitchmarkers!

Yeah–I got the fever for some of those pretty markers…and a litle trip to Walmart and 10 bucks got me all I’ll need for a good while. It’s just fun to make them!!

Those are great! I love those stitch markers!

The hat is precious! Lovely stitch markers, too!

Adorable hat!! Loves me the stitch markers!!

Aaaaw! Cute hat! I must say that all this talk around here about stitch markers, and now looking at yours, is not good for my mental health!! They really look like fun to make–love yours!

:smiley: Cute, cute hat & I love your st markers :thumbsup:

Ellen, I love the baby hat! And what cool stitch markers!

Look at that sweet little hat!

Gorgeous stitch markers too, do you use O from a set of toggles for the loop on yours?

those are so pretty, where do you buy the hoops to make the stitch markers? I have an old jewlry making kit from college… mostly metal working tools but I know I have some nice pliers in there.


Look at the pretty sparkly things! They sure look like they’d be fun to make!

Lovely hat too! Bravo

What an adorable hat! :inlove:

And Trudy, you and I are going to have to sit down and talk about how bad you are for my budget when you keep showing off your gorgeous handmade stitch-markers, and then have the nerve to tell me where to get supplies!

[size=6]Foul temptress![/size]



OH!! Sorry, Angelia–but they are really really el cheapo–and just a one stop shopping day at WalMart for some “grocery supplies” instigated the whole thing!! After seeing how much just 4 could cost me at stitching places, I thought I’d try to myself–but on the cheap!! It’s about the only way I do everything…
um…was being “poor” the Mother of Invention?? :smiley:

Yes, I think so!!

I’ve been using some really cheap rings I bought at Hobby Lobby. Clover makes them, I think…anyway, they’re not in the least bit attractive, not like lovely beaded ones… :inlove:

Hey–you know–whatever works!! I’ve even taken off my OWN rings and used them if I was out and needed a couple more!!! Even bits of yarn tied in a ring work really well–and they are REAL cheap!!

It’s just that I wanted to do a little something more successful than my recent knitting projects I guess!! I always love trying new things–but I’ve never done any beading, so I guess this was my foray into that! :smiley:

Oh, and Kristen–yes I went and got a package of toggles after someone onKH forum told me what they used. It was perfect–and almost TOO easy! :shock:

BY the way Angelia–that’s what my husband calls me too—

[size=6][/size]FOUL TEMPTRESS![size=3][/size]–especially after I’ve been working out in the hot sun for a few hours and get good and sweaty! :roflhard:

Thanks-- all of you --by the way–you’re so kind! :inlove:

The hat and stitch makers look so pretty!! Sometimes it is fun to do another type of craft than knitting - but that knitting but always comes back!

Yes, I think so!!

I’ve been using some really cheap rings I bought at Hobby Lobby. Clover makes them, I think…anyway, they’re not in the least bit attractive, not like lovely beaded ones… :inlove:[/quote]

I’m currently using the little twisty ties that come with small trash bags. :oo: (I’m also not here! You didn’t see me! vanishes into thin air).

I’ve used twisty-ties too!! :rofling:

I’m not sure to whom I’m talking, though…she was here, and now she’s gone… :??

I enjoy changing from craft to craft. My first love is crochet, but I rarely pick up a hook these days. My favourite thing to do is to combine my hobbies… like how my scrapbooking hobby was born from my need to document my crocheting, since 95% of what I make is given away. I used to make jewelry years ago, and now I can make jewelry for my knitting and crocheting!

Cute hat! And the stitch markers are very pretty!

Our knitted items should DEFINITELY have their own jewelry while being made, huh!!

One thing I quickly learned tho–the markers I showed you–they get HEAVY!! And if you have a lot in your project , it’ll weigh it down . I do use the rings to the toggles sets, but I’ve also taken a head pin , slipped maybe ONE seed bead and one regular bead on, and bent the other end into a circle and crimped the end so it won’t catch. These are very feather light, and still very pretty.

I started making a shawl and using the ones I had made and realized there was no way I wanted to have THAT much weight on there when I had to use 10 or 12!! Since I made the little light ones, they’re much much more pleasant–and I use just a couple of the heavier ones in the work --just cause they’re so dang “purdy”!!