Baby hat and socks

Well my first try at a hat to match the socks was too small, I think this one is the right size. It’s going off in the mail tomorrow, pick up is already set up…

Here they are…

I should have gotten a closer up pic of the color work I really like the design, but I didn’t think about that until just now… mind has not been working well lately… :teehee:

How cute! You did a great job on them!

Great hat & socks!

Great job!! What a wonderful gift set!

Very cute! Great colorwork!

Very pretty. Good work.

Wonderful job. :yay:

Great colors for a baby, and your color work looks good to me, so I’m sure it looks really great ‘in person’.

Good job!

Great job on both:) I like the colour combo:)

they look great

now these are so CUTE!!! :muah:


Very cute.

Thank you everyone…

:yay: very cute!

I like this set. The colors are perfect for fall. Nice work on them too and you get extra points for redoing the socks until they were the right size. I love the simple patterning on the socks. Very effective. I also like your two colored pom-pom. Just the right topper.