Baby Granny Stripe Blanket

I finished this blanket last night. It measures 36 inches square. Next week it will be mailed to the new baby. Here are the latest pictures. I used the US half double stitch for the border. I ended up with 29 different colors. there would have been 30 but I could not find a small ball of black that I know I have. Only about five colors were repeated.

Lookin’ good! I’m sure the new baby and Mama will love receiving such a nice blanket.

What a gorgeous blanket! The color combinations are beautiful. it will be a well-loved future heirloom. Thanks so much for the pictures.

A short time back I asked if anyone had any Caron SS to sale or donate. A few people responded. I really enjoyed making this afghan. It took six days, there are 29 different colors, with 4-5 colors repeated, it measures 38" square. I mailed it off this morning.

One of the men that served with our son has kept in touch with us for the last six years. When we found out that he and his wife were expecting their third baby, I decided to make a blanket. They’d been so helpful to us, I wanted to repay their kindness.

Isn’t it a wonderful thing when we can do something good and kind for someone who has shown us kindness? I know I love to be able to give back to those that have given me so much.

Thank your son and this friend for their service for me, please?

Wow!!! That is so pretty. What a lucky baby and mom.

It looks so lovely and soft! You placed all the colors just right, too! Great work of love!

That’s the beauty of this simple pattern. The colors are done randomly for the most part.

It’s a lovely blanket!

A very lovely blanket, reminds me of the ones my grandmother used to make for my family.

that looks absolutely gorgeous :slight_smile: thats a great piece of knitting :slight_smile: i would have love to make one like that for my little one :slight_smile:

That’s a good-lookin’ blanket…but, it looks like crochet:??

What stitch/pattern is it?:knitting:

Wow! That is gorgeous!! Lovely job!

This is crochet. The pattern is called granny stripes. I’ve included the pattern link above.

Thanks everyone for your compliments.

Really, really special - a pretty and colorful blanket makes a wonderful gift, in any size. How nice of you to do it! and thanks for sharing. Is it crocheted?

It looks just grand and every color in the rainbow too. Great job!:inlove:

Lovely gift. Very traditional and will be treasured. Well done.