Baby gnome

apologies if this has been posted elsewhere - I’m trying to keep up with all the threads, but maybe I missed it.

anyhoo, even though I’m not really into stuffed animals and things of this nature, this is just too cool!!

I think I’ll have to make one for my teenage son, as we’re both big “Amelie” fans!

i haven’t done it but it is kinda cute and looks fairly easy too. i may have to make it for some friends…

ooooh and if you made it in red it would look like santa and be easy christmas ornaments!!

Oh, thanks for that link! :cheering:
I’ve been recently looking into knitted stuffed toys to make for my cousin, but the instructions confused me. These pics make it much more clear to me!

Since I got some stuffing from my SP all I now need is to chose the yarn for it :thinking:
Wouldn’t acrylic be better for a toy since you can wash it?

Goes to search through her stash

That is pretty cute!!

Totallly cute! But I’m a little confused by the web site. When I went to the home page, I didn’t see any links for otehr knitting stuff. How did you find the pattern area?

Thanks for the link!

They don’t have much in the way of patterns or even knitting supplies. But the gnome is linked from here.

it was linked on on a knitting group I frequent!

That is SO incredibly cute. I’m partial to gnomes. Thanks for the link!
:slight_smile: kimmie

You know I’m not really into gnomes. I thought hte whole bit in the movie amellie where she takes her fathers gnome and sends it sround the world so he’ll get a hint was pretty funny. And when I saw this gnome I made the widdy biddy liddle noice people make when they something cutesy wootsey poopie doppie…um…ahem…yeah… :rollseyes: so maybe I’ll make one. My sister in law is preggo. I could knit with my son.

The “Amelie” thing was actually taken from fact because some folks in Europe had been doing that for years - but I love that whole idea and I adore the Travelocity gnome’s wry comments, too!


LOVE the Travelocity gnome! And, I read an article about those folks in Europe! Wasnt that done TO them? Someone stole their gnome and kept sending them postcards from it???

there was a lady in california not too long ago too. her gnome came back with his own photo album of his adventures.

ooh check these sites out!

“I don’t know if it’s possible to pinpoint the earliest instance of gnome-napping, but the first reported case of a ‘roaming gnome’ took place in the mid-1980s,” says Mr. Emery. “It was documented by an Australian folklorist named Bill Scott, who wrote of a gnome disappearing from the front lawn of a Sydney family.” Shortly thereafter, the family received a postcard from the gnome saying he was vacationing in Queensland. The gnome returned two weeks later, coated with brown shoe polish - a souvenir suntan."

I LOVE that kind of harmless mischeif and shenanigans!