Baby Girl

This is a last minute gift for a colleague going back home for good. Suppose to give him a farewell gift, his baby girl will arrive on August, therefore, NO FAREWELL but WELCOME his baby girl…

Completed On Time!

Wow, that’s last minute???:passedout: I hate to think of what you could do with more time! That is gorgeous. l love it I am sure they will enjoy it.

Adorable baby set! What a lucky little girl! He will love it. I am working on some baby things as well, but one of the babies (a girl named Lauryn) came before I finished mine! I need to finish one soon or else make a bigger size…another baby is due in October so I can give them the smaller size.

What an amazing set! Giving such a beautiful hand-knit set is incredible in itself, but I think it’s extra-special that you’re using this time as a celebration more than just a farewell! Great job :woot:

It’s adorable!:aww: If I were a baby, I would love that! LOL!:teehee: Excellent job!:thumbsup::mrgreen::sun::balloons::blooby:

That’s a tremendously generous gift. What a lucky baby!

I agree 100%!:blooby:

That is so sweet!

Really pretty! Is that two hats I see? How did you make the real poofy pom-poms on the booties? The pattern looks like an old fashioned one. I love it!

thanks all for you words…

As for the puffy pom pom, i used a comb to comb the yarn to become puffy but after you wash you need to brush it again…


What a cute set!

Beautiful baby set! Your knitting is lovely.

Oh , my! What an adorable set!! I so love those pom-poms !!

I want some :teehee:

Great job! I am sure they will be cherished!

That is just absolutely adorable!

how last minute is “last minute?” absolutely adorable!

2 or 3 weeks before he leaves back home…

My knitting time is only to and fro in the train (subway) for about 20mins each time and about one hour during the night on weekdays… but weekend at least one full day…


Jakoh, You made a great wonderful gift!:cheering:
I love all the things you made hat,booties and sweater all are gorgeous :heart:

This is truly beautiful. Where did you get the pattern? The workmanship is extraordinary.

They are so cute, specially the booties.Great job :slight_smile:

i bought this pattern from a craft shop (singapore) for about USD1.27.

thanks all.