Baby Girl Gown I designed

Mary it’s absolutely gorgeous! I’d love the pattern too.

Wow! It’s stunning!!! So dainty and feminine … just beautiful!

:inlove: it is so pretty! Great job :yay:

Wow! That’s gorgeous!

Thank you all. I actually design little gowns. I love it. I am working on our next newsletter issue and am hoping to have this design in it. It is fairly easy to do and big enough for a newborn if its looked at as a gown not a dress. If you use it as a dress then its large enough for 3 months-6 months.
Thank you all who welcomed me back. I missed you all so much too :muah:
I am excited to be in our new home and now working to get our charities shop up and going so we can help even more people! :cheering:

This is one of the most beautiful knit dresses I have ever laid my eyes on!! :inlove: Now I’m hoping my next baby will be another girl so I can make her this dress :wink: My firstborn has grown out of it and I don’t know how to resize it to make it fit an 18 month-old. Please share this beautiful pattern with a lowly knitter like me!! I will charish it forever :heart: