Baby Girl Beanie

This beanie is from my failed project and i ribbed it off… will make another new project with this yarn…
For My Colleague’s Baby Girl

Very cute :slight_smile:
I am sure your colleague will love it !

:inlove: very cute!! I love the color of the yarn…

That’s adorable!! Great job!


Adorable. Love the yarn color.

That is one cute beanie!

Aww, that is so cute!!

:heart: That is adorable!!! :heart:

So cute! I love the colour too- perfect for a baby girl!

How sweet!:heart: I love the color. As a mom of two girls I love purple. Pink is great, but you kind of get tired of it.:aww:

I love your model by the way…


Lovely hat on that baby, but does the Mom know that her child has brown fur and ears on the top of her head? Seriously … that hat is soooo cute! I love purple on little girls!

How adorable is that!!! You did a beautiful job on this!:muah:

Cute hat! :slight_smile: