Baby gift idea for a new-ish knitter

I’m not sure if this post belongs in the patterns forum–I’m in need of both ideas and possibly pattern links, so I’m starting here :slight_smile: My dearest friend is due any minute with her second daughter, and I want to do something for both girls. They will be only 18 months apart, but most “baby” patterns go up to 12 months, so I’m having a hard time finding one pattern for both… anyways…

What is something I can make (fairly easily and quickly) for a spring baby? I would love, love, love to make the Anouk pinafore for both girls, but I fear it would be fall before I could finish them. I was thinking possibly little mary-jane type slippers and sun bonnets?

When I think “wool,” I think winter, warm, cozy… but I know there are summer projects, too. I had a spring baby, but he’s all boy, so I’m at a loss for baby girls.

Every baby needs a blanket no matter what type of year they’re born! Baby socks are also really fun. I had a lot of fun doing those when my friend was pregnant with twins.

Maybe you could make a hat; here is a pattern which I am rather fond of:

This is just cool:

And here is a page which has lots of patterns for toys for children:

Good luck!

I hadn’t even thought of a toy! That is brilliant :slight_smile:

Good ideas, keep 'em coming :slight_smile:

And they wouldn’t have to be very big blankets, either. I like to have some smaller ones for them to have in the carseat. I’m thinking an 18-24 inch square.

Teddy bears are really fun and easy to knit! (also other stuffed animals.

I vote for a toy of some sort…