Baby gift 'finally finished'

This is for a co-worker’s baby shower in about two weeks. They decided not to know the sex of the baby prior to its birth.

So, I found some soft wool ‘self-striping’ yarn from Japan, in a gender neutral color, to make a little hat w/ earflaps and some cute mittens on an I-cord string.

The baby will be born this spring so, I made the items to fit a 6-9 month old- so, the baby can wear the items for its first winter.

Awww how cute!! Great job! I really like the yarn.


The yarn was nice but… FULL OF KNOTS! More than any yarn that I’ve ever used.

Very pretty yarn! Great job!

adorable! Love the yarn! I have to make some mitties for my baby…

Adorable! :slight_smile: I love tiny little mittens, too.

Just adorable! Love it :slight_smile:

Great job on all. I really love that colorway - it will be perfect for baby’s first winter no matter what the sex is.

Really cute. Love the colors.

Very pretty!

Adorable! :yay:

Its very very pretty. too bad about the knots cuz it gorgous yarn!!

Thanks for all your nice comments! I was having a ‘sucky’ day yesterday… and it was so nice to post my photo, go to bed (I’m 17 time zones from the states) and wake up to read all of these sweet comments.

Thanks all… knitters are the nicest people in the world… :hug:

What a great gift! And you picked such a lovely color :heart:. I can just imagine how cute it will look on the baby:teehee:

:happydance: They look very warm and soft!! Great colors:thumbsup:

Cute little set!

Love the colors. If it is a big baby they will be perfect for fall.

Thanks everyone for the nice comments. I took the hat/mittens to the yarn market to show the vendor that I bought the yarn from… and they loved them. (Well, even though we don’t speak the same language- I could tell that they thought the hat and mittens were cute!) :teehee:

Wonderful, yummy, well-knit!!! Love them! Love the yarn! :cheering:

Great job! Lovely colourway. I’m sure the new Mom is going to be thrilled!