Baby favors

Hi everyone…

I am not sure if I shared with you all that my sister is pregnant… well, she is due around Sep 15th, she lives in Los Cabos, Mexico; away from my parents and her friends… my parents and I are going to be there when the baby is born, however we wont be able to plan a baby shower for her :frowning:

That is why I thought about having a Welcome Baby party… she agreed on that and is very excited about it… now, I have been looking around for baby favors… I found so many!!! But I just thought about knitting tiny baby booties and baby bibs holding the baby’s name from a safety pin… but I need a pattern!!!

Has anybody done something like this before?

No, but I made teeny baby booties for preemies in the hospital that are very small! I made a pair in less than an hour.

Here’s the pattern:

Congrats Tia Melissa!

Have you seen the baby feet dishcloth too?

Those baby booties are sooo cute!!!

Thank you Kirsten!! I am really happy about Mikaela coming to this world… my sister has choosen me as her GodMother and made me promise I will be the “spoiling” aunt, which is going to be so hard being so far away… :S

I love the washcloth… I am going to have to make at least a dozen for her…