Baby einsteins sweater

Hi, I am a new knitter and i need help fiquring the size of the sweater for my 5 MONTHS GRAND-DAUGHTER WHO LIVES IN MAINE. SHE MEASURES 17INCHES CHEST AND 19 INCHES TORSO 9 1/2 INCHES ARMS . Should I follow the 12 month size Thanks Kris

Babies grow so fast - I’d probably do 12 mo size.

I agree. She’ll grow into it. :thumbsup:

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What are the sizes given for the finished little “jackets” or the sizes they say they will fit? It is true that she will grow into a 12 month size but as a knitting grannie with baby grands I sometimes want things to fit better and not have to be “grown into” (then I get to knit more things :-)). My granddaughter who will be 2 the beginning of October was small and still is and is a slow grower. So I often make a smaller size than her “age”. She was/is in a real low percentile for size. Some kids are big for their age.

If you know what percentile your granddaughter is for growth (this is a measure of how they compare with other children their age and moms often know this number) you might have a better idea if she is growing fast or a little slower. (My twin granddaughters were is the 90 something % so they were big, so I planned differently for them.)

I’ve made an Einstein Jacket(not baby size of course) for my granddaughter who is now 16 years old and she wears it still. But I can’t remember how you make the arms on that. I know it is constructed a bit differently than most, but I don’t know if it would be hard to add length to arms or torso without adding width if you wanted to. My little granddaughter tends to be long and skinny. :slight_smile: Some are short and fat. lol

If your DDG is 5 months now she won’t be 12 months until March. If she is a fast grower the 12 month size might be a good choice, if she is a slow grower and you want it to fit better over the winter you might make a 9 moth size if they have one. It all depends on your preference and how fast baby is growing.

I agree about your sizing mergold- My boys are in the 90th percentile and at five months they fit into 9-12 month old clothes. at ten months they are at 18 month colthes. But the have long backs and short legs so they take there normal size in pants but bigger shirts! I am a believer in make it a little bit big so if they do happen to have a growth spurt they can still have some time to wear it. So with that in mind I think it also depends on how fast you knit!