Baby Drops Jacket

I just finished this little set. It is Baby Drops 17-1. I have some annoying mistakes, like the button placement. But when I noticed it I was too far past it to feel like doing it over (again). I also learned I’m not good at Rev St st in the round. Techknitter suggested doing it as St st and turning it inside out. Good idea, but I was too far to go back on that too. Next time I’ll know better.

Didn’t you knit it flat? Then Rev st st would just be like knitting st st except the purl rows are on the RS…

Looks good though - I should really look through Drops patterns and do more of them.

That’s really cute! Was the button band added after then? I like EZ’s method of doing buttonholes on a seamless, but knit flat pattern. You just put a buttonhole on both sides of the same row and then when you sew the button on you close the hole. If it’s a regular buttonhole and not a YO you could still do the YO on the button side. They always match that way.

Sue, the sleeves were knit in the round and then the works added together to form the yoke.

Thanks. I think it is a cute pattern.

The pattern said to knit one of the button bands that is built right on, I call it a self button band. But I didn’t do it that way. I like picked up bands better and did it that way.

I tired the new Tulips buttonholes by Techknitter. I did the whole buttonhole row once and counted and I had gained a stitch at each buttonhole. So I worked on my buttonhole swatch some more and did it over. After that time I counted again. One extra stitch for each buttonhole.:?? I have no idea what I’m doing wrong with the buttonhole. I can do it on the swatch where I only have 8 stitches to keep track of but give me 63 and I mess up. :lol: The buttonholes looked all right so I didn’t want to try again, I just knit 2 stitches together at the left edge of each buttonhole on the next row. They look perfect. I guess my concentration/and or unfamiliarity with the buttonhole caused me to mess up the spacing.

Everything you knit turns out wonderful, Judy, and this is no exception! Meh, so there are a few little glitches! Won’t matter a bit on the baby!

Did you block it? Full soak block? Sometimes that straightens out the uneven stitches that you mentioned were bothering you.

This is an ADORABLE design! I love it to pieces!!!

I like it a lot. It is a very classic piece. I think babies should have selfmade outfits.

And I am a fan of the drops page. I am soon making another jacket for myself from the new collection.

It turned out adorable!!! I wouldn’t worry about those “glitches” - you’re probably the only one who will notice them. :slight_smile: Great job!!

Ahhh, yeah, that would be a pain on dpns or circs. Though I don’t mind purling, don’t know if I could do small sleeves in the round purling every round.

Great job, none of your ‘glitches’ are visible.

You are too hard on yourself. I think that is beautiful. You are the only one who sees flaws, no one else will see a thing wrong. Precious sweater and hat.

ArtLady, I washed it and dried it in the dryer to “block” it. :slight_smile: I’m glad you like it anyway (despite its flaws). Thanks. :hug: I really liked the design too. In some nicer yarn it would be very neat. If I did it again I think I would not do it all Rev St st though.

I think it is super cute!

How I wish I had babies to knit for…

That is an adorable pattern, and your knitting is beautiful. With a few changes it would be perfect for a baby boy, too.

You did an excellent job! I love how the edging mimics the cables. Is that edging knitted or crocheted?

What I hate more than doing seams, is working on DPNs.

I have one important suggestion:
On the front edges of the bonnet, where the tie comes through the beading, cinch up the tie just a tad and then bring each side of the tie through the last opening again to secure it, so it can never get accidentally tighten too much around baby’s neck.

We knitters are so hard on ourselves! The jacket is adorable, as is the cap; it’s amazing how much fun it is to see our little ones in the things we knit for them.

The edging is crocheted. It is a simple chain up 4, dc in the first of those chain stitches, skip a ways and sc, then begin again with the chain.

Thanks for the suggestion about the ties. And thanks for looking.