Baby dress

Hi Everyone ,
I hope you are all ok and getting on with those xmas projects :slight_smile:
Here is a dress i have just finished for a friends one year old daughter :slight_smile:

Also i have attached a pic of our Cjristmas tree :hug:

That dress is gorgeous! So is that tree. :slight_smile:

The dress is very cute Rita, love the colour. You tree is pretty too. I love real trees.

Thank you :slight_smile:
I like our tree but it does tend to smell of wet dog at times lol
Is that normal ? :roflhard:

The dress is adorable! Pretty tree :slight_smile:

:yay: very pretty dress!! Love the tree

The dress is just adorable

Rita said~I like our tree but it does tend to smell of wet dog at times lol
Is that normal ? :roflhard:

Not unless you have a :roflhard:

Your dress is beautiful:hug: Love the colors.And the whole thing is done in seed stitch:noway: Love it:woot:

Aww, love the dress and the tree!

Great tree and such a pretty dress! I love the heart buttons :heart:

I whole heartedly agree! :yay: :yay:

Rita, that little sundress is just darling! :heart: And it could be worn with a blouse or top even in winter!!! Great work!!!

Cute little dress. Both of my twin granddaughters (now 14) loved pink and purple. :slight_smile: The seed stitch is nice too.

Merry Christmas!

Beautiful :cheering:

Hi and thank you everyone .
Artlady - the size i made this dress was for a 1 year old . I actually tried it on my son who is 8yes old and it looked brilliant as a top at that age . So you are so right about it being used later as a top.:slight_smile:

Julie - I do not have a dog :teehee:

Beautiful! Both the dress and tree! (Never heard of a tree smelling like a wet dog though.)

Love the darling little dress [I]and[/I] the tree!:slight_smile: