Baby Dress

My husband said I have knitting ADD! I am on to making another dress- just picking up this for something fun, plus I just found out someone I know is having a little girl in two weeks!
I am making the Wee Susan, and I am confused on the joining in the round part, the 4 stitch thing has me a little mixed up.

The directions result in the overlap of the buttonhole band on top of the button band. This project shows the resulting back of the dress.
Transfer the last 4 sts that were knit to a spare needle or ideally, a dpn. Then knit each of the 4 together with one of the next 4sts. As the pattern ~says, 1st stitch on left hand needle and 1st stitch on spare needle, 2nd stitch on left hand needle and 2nd stitch on spare needle and so on. It’s a bit like 3 needle bind off but without the bind off step, just knitting the stitches together.

Dress is darling. You’re on a roll!

Is this an example of what I am supposed to do? Also, because I am joining, do I join the last 4 to the first 4?

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I’ve never seen this technique before, thank fro posting a video. Always learning… and there is so much to learn!

Cute dress your have chosen.

Great video. Yes, that’s exactly what you’re going to be doing. It works very neatly for joining these bands and also for projects that have a front overlap.