Baby dress pattern

I’d like to make my niece a little dress for the spring or summer. She’s 4 months now, so it’d probably have to fit 6-9 mo. Does anyone have a pattern for a cute dress that’s not too difficult (I’ve only made scarfs, afgans, and I’m working on socks now)? Thanks everyone!

I don’t know whether it’s diffcult or not ('cuz I’m too determined to believe anything’s too hard for me!) but I made this recently, and it turned out so cute!

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Knitting Pure and Simple has a really cute sundress pattern. It’s top down so that you can add length to it as she grows.

This link no longer works, but you can view and get the pattern here.

This is a VERY OLD thread though so I doubt she is still looking for a baby dress. :wink:

Thanks, Jan! :doh: I usually check the date of the first post before I reply. Yep, a year and a half ago is a VERY old post.

Well, she’ll definitely need a bigger sized dress now!!

I know its an old thread, but never mind… someone else might want this cute little pattern. Its from the “Second Little Sublime Hand Knit Book” and is called “Smockie” and is available free from -

(Scroll down on that page and click the round blue button that says ‘Click it out’.)

Debbie Bliss has several cute patterns for babies in her books. Might do a search on line for baby patterns you might find several :):muah: