Baby Denim Drawstring Pants & circulars Aaaaargh!

I’m knitting Joelle Hoverson’s “Baby’s Denim Drawstring Pants” from her book “Last Minute Knitted Gifts”.

Each leg was worked on 5dpn’s, and then are to be put onto the one 16 inch circular, with a few stitches cast on in the crotch area. I managed that… awkwardly!.. but the real problem has started with me trying to actually KNIT these stitches on my 16 inch circular. Its practically impossible to ease the stitches close enough to the tip of the needle to be able to knit each one.

Its not that there are too many stitches or too few for the needle. I don’t think there’s a problem there. Its more like the metal point parts of the needle are too long in proportion to the length of the cable, so there’s no give in the straight ends and the only maneouvrability is with the cable itself. I’ve been in a ridiculous, frazzled mess, and I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong or its the fault of the needles.

I’ve finally resorted to putting my work back onto dpn’s, which I enjoy using even less than circulars! I have used circulars before though, and although I don’t like them, I can usually knit with them.

Has anyone knit this pattern before, and can give me some advice please? What am I doing wrong? These are the pants -

That’s why I don’t like 16" needles, the cord is just too short. You can use longer ones, and do a Magic Loop or modified ML.

So it wasn’t something I was doing, it was the needle! I found that out as I persevered. I knitted with 5 dpn’s till about 3 inches, then transferred my stitches back to the 16" circular, and am now able to knit with it. At least the stitches can now move over the needle.

What I now think was the problem was a combination of the short cable and the fact I was at the start of knitting that section. The part where the crotch had been cast on in the middle was causing the whole thing to be very inflexible. As a matter of fact, the ends of the cast on section ended up having their stitches stretched a bit out of whack. I’m going to have to fiddle round tightening them when I stitch the crotch later.

I can’t understand why no one else on Ravelry who’s knitted these has put a comment about there being a problem at this stage. That’s what made me think the problem was ME. It seems as if everyone else just breezed through. I did find one reference to a difficulty but it didn’t come across as being exactly what I was experiencing. Oh well, its on its way now. And thanks, suzeeq!