Baby coocoon pattern?

Anyone know where I can find a baby cocoon pattern? I have searched all over the net and was unsuccessful.


Try this

Also on Ravelry, there is a pattern called Hoodie Baby Blanket that might work. And there is always knitting pattern central. There might be some patterns there that would fill your need.

do you mean for photographs, if so I saw a pattern, for sale, on here is the link. They also have ones already made you can buy if you search under photography props. ( I hope that link works)

If you mean a baby bunting…

Did you see that it’s $35 for the pattern? Wow!

I would not pay that much for it. But you never know, someone might want the pattern bad enough.

I have seen this before only when it was for sale already made up. Very clever idea. I thought it was intriguing so read what she wrote underneath the picture. Most of it was about Copyright but farther down the page it did state:

[COLOR=RoyalBlue]“Included in the purchase you will get the pattern, images of the item, list of vendors, supplies needed.”[/COLOR]

I am taking that to mean yarn too or am I miss reading that line? :???::shrug:

In the description it says it includes the materials, so that may not be such a bad price, depending on what kind of yarn it is.

OK well I guess I read that wrong then. I took it as meaning you would get the list of supplies needed, not the actual supplies. That does help some. She should advertise it as a kit then and not just the pattern … IMHO. :slight_smile:

That is a pricey pattern - I emailed the creator to see if it’s really that price. LOL I’ve beenlooking for a pattern for this as i have friends starting photography businesses and they have asked me to make one…

I thought she meant a list of the vendors who sell the supplies. Could you post her answer to your email here?

I found two patterns for sale for $3 & $8



Hope this helps!:wink:

That yarn kinda looks like Moda Dea Tweedle Dee yarn in the surf & turf colorway.

There’s also the pea & peapod pattern on this page:

BTW - I recently did my own little baby papoose and the way I did it was to cast on 3 stitches and then keep increasing by one on either end of every other row until the desired number of stitches for wrapping around the baby, then I knit straight in stockinette for a few inches (maybe 5, use your judgment) and then I joined in the round and knit a few more inches and started decreasing every other row.

That sounds pretty cool evona! Can you post a picture so we can see it?

And thanks for the links on those other patterns. I really like the pea and pea pod … may have to get that if playing on my own doesn’t lend the results I’m looking for.

Sure - I made 2 papooses - one cream colored and one red - for a friend who’s having twin girls and asked for any color but pink. Guess she was getting sick of all those pink gifts she’s been receiving :teehee: I added ties instead of a button to make them easier to get open. I only photographed the red one before sending them off.