Baby Converse High Tops (knit) with no seaming

Friends of mine will have a baby soon. When talking about baby shoes, the father-to-be talked about cool shoes and sneakers. This was the birth of this idea:

Baby Converse High Tops.

I looked around for patterns, found a bunch of croched ones, few patterns. So I stuck with my original idea to knit my own pattern. Here is my test piece of this morning. Since I need to make 2 identical ones I had to take notes on my pattern. So if anyone is interested, I will publish this one, too (after making a second one of course.)

I do not have a baby to photograph these on, so I had to stuff some yarn inside for pictures.

Does that look desireable? I am proud, I have to say!

It’s adorable! They’ll love it!

Very cute idea! :yay:

Were they difficult? A friend of mine just had a baby a month ago … I may just have to give those a try if you end up posting your pattern notes on your blog!

the shoes were really not hard. I made a little “trick” with short rows and decreases for the tips but if you prefer to not even follow that, then there will be ways around that (and adding a tiny bit of seaming there).
I will type the pattern out as soon as I get to it.
I whipped up the second shoe and am very happy with the set.
I will post here, when I made the pattern and I’d be honored if you tried them!

Wow!..way cute!:notworthy: Can’t wait to see the finished pair and check out the pattern;)

I did make the second one so as soon as I get to typing I will make the pattern available. I’ll let you all know, of course