Baby cocoon

How do I change the pattern if I use worsted weight yarn and 7 or 8 circular needles :woot: to make them in medium, sz large and sz. x-large?

If you are using the same size needles and yarn, you can vary the number of stitches to change the size.

I have used different needles like 13 circ with bulky wt and one in 2strand worsted wt .I am new so I need things spelled out.Thank you kindley.

Sure, changing the needle size and yarn weight is probably the easiest way to change the size of the finished cocoon. If you knit a sample swatch with your yarn and needles, you’ll be able to estimate the size of the finished piece.

I am unable to calculate as I am not good with numbers :knitting: :knitting: that is why I need your help!Thank you again, Camilla

Can you give us a link to the pattern and tell us the size you’d like to make? Maybe we can help figure it out.


I want directions for medium ,large and x-large Thank you in advance!


Camilla, can you check you link, please? I’m not seeing the pattern for the cocoon.

Is this the pattern you’re wanting to adapt (first one on page)?