Baby Cocoon

I know lots of people have been looking for this,I found one but it’s called a Pea Pod Cozy

I love this…but I have a question. It says to cast on then knit for 15"…but, it doesn’t say if this is in the round or flat? If it’s flat…how do you “gather the bottom edge”?

Cute! Pam, it is knit in the round. She doesn’t say that, though, until you get to the “hood.” Then she says to “knit back and forth instead of in the round.”

I agree it’s in the round – I take it to mean in the round when they want you to use circular needles, unless they specificly state it is knit flat.

There is a picture of it on circular needles to the left of the pattern

I guess I better give that “in the round” thing a try…I’ve been hesitating, but this may be it. I’ve got 2 nieces brewing babies (the 2d for both of them) and I thought I’d try something new since I’ve gotten better…

Thanks y’all!