Baby chunky

i have lots of chunky or think yarn left over from old projects there only seems to be a small ball off this or a tiny bit of that so i was thinking what could i do with it… my best idear so far is baby stuff (botties would be nice) but i have been looking ffor patterns and cant seem to find even one! so if u know of any pls help.

do they even make baby patterns in chunky? if not got any better idears of what i can do with all this little bits of yarn?

I haven’t seen any really good patterns for small amounts of yarn in baby chunky. I guess you could knit up various swatches and then piece them together for a quilt.

I have a crib blanket that was given to my DS at his birth. It was made by my husband’s grandmother. She had passed away but had crocheted this blanket for her first great grandson (my DS).

She did a granny square rectangle and then just incorporated the various yarns as she went along. She had a great eye for colour because they worked together amazingly well.

Perhaps you could do something similar in a knit. Perhaps do something lacy that doesn’t get to affected by guage.

there was a post not too long ago of chunky booties and hat - i dont remember who or when though.

found it: