Baby Cashmerino Pattern Book

Hello again. It’s been a long time since I have been here. Had a medical test and the nurse put the needle into my hand and did some damage so I couldn’t knit until recently.
I am back in the Baby Cashmerino Sublime Book. The one with the little baby girl in a white sweater edged in pink trim. I am working on the pattern called “Babies who lunch cardigan” (page 24). I am trying to get the first rows of edging to start right and I cannot make sense of the instructions. i am working on the 3-6 months size. The first row (after cast on) reads as follows:
K2, *cast off 3 sts (1 st will remain on needle), k2, rep from * to last 5sts, cast off 3 sts (1 st will remain on needle), k1. You will now have 55 sts on needle. Given that I start with 109 sts cast on, I cannot understand the numbers. Do I use the 2nd knit stitch as one of the loops in the first cast off? or, do I leave the k2 stitches on the needle untouched and begin the cast off 3 sequence from the beginning with k2, p1? Thank you for your help–It’s fun to be able to use my hand again to do that which I love so much. Word to the wise—if a nurse is too lazy to walk around the bed and use the vein in your other arm–just tell her NO you may not put that needle into my knitting hand!:muah:

I’m delighted that you’re back and knitting again. That must have been a very frustrating experience.
You leave the k2 sts on the needle untouched and then start the ‘cast off 3’ by knitting 2 again, passing st 1 over st 2 and so on, as you would usually cast off. This will leave groups of 3sts on the needle with the bound off sts between.
Good luck with the rest of this very sweet pattern!

Thank you so much–It is so wonderful to have folks like you to help!:hug:

Glad to see you back! :thumbsup: