Baby cashmerino 2 cap

Hello: After not knitting for ten years, I have just now begun again. I am trying to do the striped baby hat on page 24 of the baby cashmerino 2 pattern book. I am using the babycashmerino wool. My gauge sample turned out perfect. However, I did start that with about five rows of knitting before switching to st st. My sample laid perfectly flat.

I have now begun the cap itself and the instructions say to start with the st stitch. Of COURSE --it is curling badly. HOWEVER, the hat in the picture has a rolled up edge so I am a little confused as it looks as if the pattern wants the edge to curl! How many rows of st stitch before I understand that it will lay flat in the body of the hat?

You’re right, the pattern wants the edge to curl up, which is why you started with stocking stitch. Just trust the pattern and keep going - it WILL lay flat in the body of the hat. I’ve knitted many beanies like that one.

What a beautiful book - I must seek that one out - I googled it and there are some lovely patterns in it. The hat is cute!

Thank you.

Love Australia–hoping for 3rd trip soon! I still have my wool sweater from a “woolshed” tourist demonstration area in NSW. The fine wool is the only thing I wear around the house at night to keep the chill off!

What are your favorite Australian yarns?

I’m looking at the picture of the BC2 striped hat, isn’t it supposed to “roll”?