Baby cardigan

Hi! I’m knitting a baby cardigan on Ravelry from the Marianna Lazy Daisy All in One baby cardigan pattern. I’m on row 23, putting sleeve stitches on holders. The pattern doesn’t say to break the yarn but how can I proceed if I don’t? I need to work the two front sections and the back separately from the sleeves. This is my first time knitting a cardigan. I think I’m missing something. Do I need 3 balls of yarn, one for each front and one for the back? I can’t float the yarn across all those sleeve stitches. I’m really stumped. Please help. Thanks so much! Btw I’m knitting on circular needles.

Follow the directions for rows 23 putting the sleeve sts on waste yarn then knit to the end of the row. For the next row, knit 4, purl across the front and then go directly on to the back stitches, thereby connecting the front to the back. The sleeve sts will be folded out of the way. Continue purling to connect the back sts directly to the other front and then purl across the front to the last 4sts, k4.
You’re going to be directly knitting the front-back-second front in one piece. Then you’ll continue knitting that one piece, the body of the cardigan.

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That makes sense. And when I’m finished with the body there will be no side seams to sew up, right? Then I can put the sleeve stitches back on the needles and when they are done there is just the sleeve seams to sew up. Am I understanding you correctly?

You have it exactly. No side seams, just the sleeve seams and closing up any small gap at the underarm.

Thank you so-o-o much. You made my day!! :smiley:

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I’m a fan of Marianna Mel patterns. She has such lovely ones. Have fun with this one!