Baby cardigan

I’m stuck on a baby cardigan it says dec 1 st at front edge on nxt Row which i understand but then it says and the 7 foll 4th rows im not sure what this means pls can you help

It just mean to start counting the rows and every 4th row you will dec 1 st at the front edge. The 7 tells you how many times to do it.
Next row you understand, a dec row
1st row
2nd row
3rd row
4th row, this is the dec row
At this point either start counting rows at 1 again and dec at the 4th (as above) OR work out which row the 4th will be, ie row 8, 12, 16, 20, 24, 28 (this way is probably easier).

In total this is 8 dec rows because the first one was on “next row” and then 7 foll 4th rows = 8. If your pattern tells you how many stitches to end up with it’s a good checking point.

I hope this helps.

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