Baby Cardigan Sweater

I’m making a cardigan baby sweater taken from the book [COLOR=“Black”]Knit in a[/COLOR] [COLOR=“black”][COLOR=“Black”]Day[/COLOR][/COLOR] for baby. I’m currently on the left Front… shape neck.

The directions read as follows:
Next row (WS) :Purl
Next row (RS): Knit to last 2 sts, k2tog–9 sts remain.
Repeat last 2 rows 3 more times–6 sts. remain.
[COLOR=“Red”]Work even in St st until piece measure 10 1/2 ".
OK… so my question is: is the 10 1/2 " meant for the particular section I am currently knitting with the St st… or is it this part along with the Body of the sweater.

Pattern on page 24 Green & White cardigan.
Thank you in advance…

The 10.5" is for the whole piece so you’d measure from the top or bottom where you started to the stitches on the needles.

Thanks so much Jan, for your quick response. cair