Baby cardigan sleeve help!

Help I’ve posted on 2 other forums with no help yet :frowning:

Sleeve for a cardigan says increase 1 stitch at [B]each end of 5th and every following 6th row[/B]

So - at each 5th and 6th row? or at the 5th row then every 6th row?

Please help…

The later.

On the 5th row, then every 6th row (11, 17, 23 …).

On the 5th row, then every 6th row [I]after[/I] that. So on rows 5, 11, 17, etc.

I know the numbers seem odd to you. There’s a reason for that. They want you to make these increases on the right side rows. It’s just easier to increase on right side/knit rows than on the wrong side/purl rows. The increase intervals will give you graduated, even increases so the sleeve is shaped better.