Baby Cardigan Shape Neck



Hi I am very new to knitting. I am knitting my first baby cardigan. I am at the stage of Shape Neck but cannot understand the pattern. It states to **Dec 1 st at neck edge on the next 3 (3:4:4:4:4) rows AT THE SAME TIME, dec1 st at armhole edge as before on next and every fill alt row to 4 (4:5:5:5:5) sets, ending with P row ! I am very confused any help would be greatly appreciated :grinning:


Hi Elaine,You must be working one of the front pieces and have been making decreases on one side after casting off for the armhole. Now you begin to decrease 1 st on the other side(neck edge) as well as continuing to decrease 1 st on the armhole side as you have been doing. You don’t say which size you are doing but, starting from this next row, decrease 1 st at the neck side every row for either 3 or 4 rows(whichever size) while continuing to decrease 1 st at the armhole side on this row and every other row until you have 4 or 5 sts left (whichever size) ending on a purl row. Hope this helps,you’re doing really well,enjoy your knitting :grinning:


Hello, thank you so so much​:grinning: I was so lost but you have explained it that I can now understand. I can now continue yay :wink::+1:t2::grinning: