Baby Cardigan One Side Shorter

Hi there, I’ve nearly finished a baby cardigan - on the sleeves - and realise that one front side is shorter than the other. I’m using Red Heart Baby wool. Apart from ripping this out (and I’ve already knitted the sleeve on), can wool be stretched at all? Any help would be appreciated! Thank you.

How much shorter and what is the total length supposed to be? There is a little give with wool but if the front is inches short, you would be better off shortening the other front to match.
Wash according to the yarn label and block to see if you can match up the fronts.
Which pattern are you making?

The left side is only about half an inch shorter - I’ve obviously got distracted when I was measuring it! I’m making the Play Date Cardie.

Is it this one?

Since it’s worked top down, can’t you remove the trim and adjust the length? If not, I think you could block out a half inch. Certainly that’ll work for knitting. Probably for crochet too although crochet is a bit firmer.

salmonmac Mod Squad
November 14

Is it this one?

No, sorry - it’s a Susan Bates pattern (I think) and it’s knitted. I’ll try
blocking it when I’m finished though and see if I can even it up! Thank you
so much for the help.