Baby Cardigan Help - Free Pattern

Hi All! I’m currently working on a free pattern from Bernat called the Quick Stitch Cardigan. I’m on the Shape sleeves section at the beginning of the pattern (directly after finishing the Body) and I can’t figure it out. It says to Cont in Seed St Pat, cast on 8 sts at beg of next 6 rows. I understand that I need to stay in Seed stitch pattern and cast on 8 stitches at the beginning of the next 6 rows.

I’ve looked up how to cast on in seed stitch. What I don’t understand is this…my last row ended with a knit stitch. I turn the work (RS) and cast on 8 in seed stitch…which would mean purl, knit, purl, knit, purl, knit, purl, knit…I start the row and it is on a knit stitch. This doesn’t make the seed stitch because you are supposed to knit the purls and purl the knits. What am I not seeing? Can anyone help?


Since your last row ended with a k, that stitch would be a p on the next row. Cast on 8 sts (an even number) and start the row with a p stitch.

I knew I was overthinking it! I thought continue in pattern meant that it had to be K1, P1 every row like it had been before. Thanks so much!


I am making the same cardigan but in the bigger size – cast on 53 stitches for the body instead of 47 and then increase 9 stitches instead of 8 on the next 6 rows to a total of 107 stitches. After each addition I lose the seed pattern!

I just learned how to add on/cast on in seed pattern but I don’t think casting on is the problem.

Help! Please and thanks!

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The very best thing to do is to read your knitting from the previous rows. In your case, since these are cast on sts, go to the last row before the cast on, Then move right across the newly cast on sts, naming them as knit or purl in the current row until you get to the first stitch of the row. That’ll tell you which stitch to begin with.
For example if the last row shows you a k, p, k (on the left needle) before the cast on sts, you know that for seed stitch, the current row should be p, k, p. Then name the newly cast on 9 sts, k, p, k, p, k, p, k, p, k. That tells you to start with a knit stitch.

Thanks – Would you please tell me a technique to increase these 9 stitches within the seed pattern – I fear that is where I am making my errors.

Well the above post is the way you can turn these 9 increased sts into seed stitch pattern so that they work seamlessly with the existing seed stitch.
This video shows the idea for a single stitch cast on but the idea is the same. (see halfway down the page)

Another way to think of it is that if you look at the sts before you cast on the extra 9, note which stitch you would start with, a knit or a purl. Then cast on the 9sts. Since you’re adding an uneven number of sts, you’ll begin working the cast on sts with the opposite stitch to the one you noted.
For example, if the row should begin with a knit, cast on your 9sts and start with a purl.
Base row is in bold, newly cast on in italics::
k,p,k,p,k, p,k,p,k,p,k,p,k,p

For the actual cast on technique, you can use a knit or a cable cast on for a nice firm edge on the cast on. The cast on used in the video isn’t the best to use for more than one or two sts.