Baby caps for hospital stay

Hi I am hoping to find an easy pattern for caps for our twins to wear in the hospital. Also advise me on the type of wool I should use. It needs to be soft and not irritable.

Do you mean newborns or do you have older twins that need to go to the hospital?

A lot of wools may feel soft to an adult, but to an infants tender skin it might be irritating. When I’ve made newborn or preemie caps I’ve used a very soft acrylic (not Red Heart Super Saver!) or cotton blend. Most hospitals only want washable yarn, too.

Yarn I’d recommend.
Bernat Cot’n Corn - very soft and washes well. I used it on a bib.
Bernat Softee Baby
Bernat Satin
Caron Simply Soft
Red Heart SOFT

Hats… can you knit in the round?
Knit flat if you prefer to seam.

Thank you Jan. Your feedback is right on. We are expecting twins so I was hoping to knit them hats for their stay in the hospital. Your links are very helpful as well.

My quilt guild knits hats for the local hospitals and I have a very simple pattern if you send me your email address I would be happy to share it with you.

Caron Simply soft and Bev has some really good patterns (read: these are the ones I use when I make baby hats) on her website for free using size 3 needles… that one I just changed to a k2p2 or k1p1 for a ribbed cuff on the hat…

Here is a SUPER easy knit hat pattern knit flat. They use the same pattern for different sizes, ranging from XS Preemie to Child. As far as yarn goes, don’t use wool. Use very soft yarn, like Bernat Softee Baby, Bernat Cottontots, and Bernat Baby Jacquards.

Here is the link: