Baby camel yarn -- can it be dyed?

Hi all! I’ve got some natural (cream color) baby camel yarn and was hoping to dye it a darker brown. I’ve seen some info suggesting that camel hair does not take dye well, and was wondering if anyone has actual experience with it before I attempt any experimentation. (Don’t worry – I plan to try a small sample before doing a whole hank, but if someone knows for sure that it won’t work, then I won’t bother even trying.) TIA!

camel has a reputation for being dye resistant.

i don’t know if baby camel is less so, but camel yarn comes in camel color, and camel coats come in camel color (various shades of warm golden brown), and occationally black, but not other colors…

Yeah… I was afraid of that but was hoping that someone out there could tell me that it’s possible. Oh well. Thanks for the confirmation. Now, what to do with the yarn if it needs to be this color… think cream is a bad color to use for a scarf? I’m afraid it’ll get dingy easily.