Baby boy?

other then a blanket bottites hats what can i knit for a baby boy? im not all that fab at knitting and i dont want to try anything that will take to long as babt (lee) is born in feb and well im very busy with lots of xmass gifts and starting a new job. i realy dont think i could do anything ‘good’ lyet so nay one got idears i see lots and lots of patterns that i like but they all seem to be for girls any one? help?

How about a little toy? Or a washcloth?

How about this

aww julie that is adorable:inlove:Thanks for sharing
I may just have to make that for a baby shower gift sometime:teehee:

How about some cute bibs?

I just made a few pairs of these for a baby boy.
super quick easy knit that takes like, no yarn at all it seems! :cool::cheering:

oops - forgot the link: Saartje’s Bootees

i second the saartje’s bootees. i made them for my dd’s teacher and she promptly showed the ENTIRE faculty. :blush: so now when i walk in the school, i get tons of comments about bootees. :wink:

they are really very simple, made flat with knit stitch and a few increases/decreases for shaping. a very simple but clever seam and they’re done!

easy kitty Blanket buddy

easy bear
little pocket size muggins
simple cute bunny toy

How about some wool diaper covers? They are cool, some are felted and even if you aren’t cloth diapering they look nicer than Pampers :slight_smile:

i’m whipping up a pair of cargo pants right now. they’re a knitty pattern, and knit up quick as lightning!

IMO saartje’s bootees are way too feminine and besides you said you wanted something other than booties.


Knitted blocks
Bottle cover

How about this cute bunny blanket … done in the right color it would be nice.