Baby bottie pattern

Im using a pattern in simple knits for cherished babies for classic cashmere botties. Its the first time i have read a pattern in a real long time and am getting so frustrated with not knowing what to do. the bottie is broken into three different sections, i have been working on the right hand side of it and it now wants me to “pick up and knit” to the left side. I dont know if i should cut the yarn and move over there or if i should somehow weave my yarn to the left side and just keep knitting. If anyone could help me i would appreciate it very much!! Thank you!!!

Can you quote the exact line from the pattern? If it says pick up [I]to[/I] the left side, it may mean to start at the right side and pick up around [I]until you get to[/I] the left side.

sure can, it says pick up and knit 7 stitches along the other side of the foot, and finally knitt across the remaining 10 stitches .

Well, since it sounds like your yarn isn’t connected to that side of the foot, I would cut the yarn, leaving about a 4-6inch tail to weave in later. Work with the new end of the yarn and over on that other side of the bootie, pick up the necessary sts using the new end.