Baby Booty Pattern Help!

I am making baby booties and have a quick question. The booties have straps and the directions for the strap shaping simply say
"Cast on 8 at the beg of next row.
Cast on 12 at the beg of next row.
Knit 2 rows"
Am I to assume that after I cast of the 8 I knit the row and then on the next row knit the row after I cast on 12?

Yes, you’ve got it. Cast on 8sts, knit the 8sts and the rest of the row, turn, cast on 12sts, knit the 12sts and the rest of that row.

Can you give us the name of your pattern and/or a link to it? I see someone has answered your question, but we’d like to see what you’re working on, too!

The name of the booties are called Bobby Booties and they’re from a book. However, I was able to find this link.

Thanks so much for finding and sharing the link to a picture of your pattern. Those are [U]too[/U] cute! I’d like to make some baby booties again (just waiting for a good deadline to get me motivated–like a baby shower :wink: ), so it’s good to know this pattern’s out there in book form.