Baby booties

i am looking for a pattern for baby booties made out of cowichan wool I have many patterns for regular wool but cant figure out howto change it to use this heavy wool Any help out there

Cowichan isn’t a weight, look for patterns for bulky weight, or maybe aran. Is there a needle size on the label? That’s often a clue as to what thickness the yarn is.

i thought that but wasnt sure thanks any pattern favourites

I’ve never done booties, though I’m dong the Ugg booties as slippers for my 3 yo GD. Unfortunately, she’s taken down the English version recently and they weren’t a heavy weight yarn anyway.

Worsted weight is a 4, bulky a 5, and superbulky a 6. Look for those numbers on the label. You can look for a baby bootie pattern on Ravelry. Insert baby booties in the pattern search box. You can narrow it down by selecting patterns for bulky weights in the sections on the left. You have to sign up for Ravelry, but it’s free to join.