Baby booties

I am really enjoying making this baby layette set but I have two questions

On the boot it starts at the top and works it way down to the bottom of the foot

So I knit 3 rows of ribbing, then a lace and bobble pattern, then 8 rows of rib again. I am changing needles size too for the pattern. Anyway, after I did the last ribbing it says for

Row 1 RS- Work across 15st, slip 15 sts just worked onto st holder, K1, increase, K7, increase, K1, slip last 15sts onto st holder: 13sts

My question is- since I just finished ribbing and it says work across 15sts do I do ribbing or just knit across? If i did ribbing would it look funny because then I have to K7?

My next question is on the sole. You have to K9, K2tog, turn leave rem sts unworked. You need to do this for 35 rows. So now that I need to BO the first 15sts are purls and the last 5 are knits. Do I BO the purls in purl and the last 5sts in Knit or do I just BO all in knit?


Do you have a link to the pattern?

No, I bought it.