Baby booties ugg

I am knitting baby booties and am at the sole. I am asked to put stitches on a spare needle and start working on the 6 of the sole and the remaining 21 on the other side.I am confused because the working yarn which I have cut is on the spare. When I try to knit there is nothing to knit when I turn except the spare needle. I have tried knitting an extra row and that doesn’t work. I would appreciate any help…and when does the spare needle enter.?…ugg baby booties is the pattern

Welcome to KH!

You need to attach a new end of yarn to the 6sts and work row 37. Work across 4 of the 6sts, the k3tog (2 of the 6sts and one from the side edge). Turn and on row 38. You’ll be purling 4 sts and then p3tog (one toe stitch and 2 side sts). Keep going this way, working the toe sts and gradually using up the side sts.

Very cute booties.

Thank you sooo much ! I love the pattern ,but for some reason socks and booties are not my thing. Actually I prefer working with dbl pointed needles. I am planning on these being an all time favorite.

One last question…when do I bring the spare needle in ?

You’re going to use the spare needle sts almost immediately. You’ll be knitting back and forth across the center sts, each time connecting to the side sts. One set of the 21 side sts is on the working needle and one set on the spare. Like this:
1 booties

Thank you! I understand now !!! I appreciate your patience and prompt answer !!!

I have made this pattern twice an love it ! Just curious do you knit and pick up or just pick up. I did not knit and wonder if it would make a difference.

In almost all cases, you want to pick up and knit using a new strand of yarn. I’ve only occasionally found patterns that wanted a straight pick up of sts like this:

If you’ve worked the pattern however and like the look then keep going as you’re doing. The only problem I might see is if your working yarn ends up in the wrong place.

I’d love to see a photo of the booties you made. The pattern is adorable.

My working yarn did end up in the wrong place. I will try knitting the stitches. I have sent them off with a hat and pram blanket , but am planning on making another pair soon.
Thank you so much for your input!