Baby booties & twisted rib baby hat

I loved these so much that I had a hard time giving them to the mom-to-be as a shower gift! They were sooo soft.
Made with Alpaca with a Twist’s Baby Alpaca yarn.

How gorgeous!! The yarn has such a pretty sheen to it. I am in love with that hat!! Good job! :cheering:

Just beautiful!

All I can say is gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!

Oh, they’re just precious! Love the hat! What is the pattern, please?

Wonderful. What a lucky baby.



You did a great job. Both of the patterns are really cute and the yarn[U] does[/U]look yummy. A very nice gift.

Slim, these are the patterns I used. Both free!

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Those are just adorable! :inlove:


Aaaaw, sweeet!! I love the hat especially-cool pattern!

Lovely!! I really like the twisted hat! Lucky baby! :cheering: