Baby booties question

Hi I am new to knitting. I am making a pair of baby booties and I am half way through and cut the yarn like it said. Then it say to re-join yarn to instep, pick up 6 stitches up instep, knit central stitches, pick up 6 stitches down side, knit remaining 7 stitches on needle. Not sure what to do. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Have made many booties, would love to help, could you post a link to the pattern? What you are going to be doing is picking up sts along the instep, then you are going to include sts on holder and thrn pick up an equal number of sts from the other side of the sts from the holder. Easier to explain with the link to the pattern

Yes, trisha is correct. See if this drawing helps. Rejoin yarn over on the right of the instep at the inner corner.
KH Baby booties question

Salmonmac you are great at drawing, what do you do draw on a piece of paper then take a picture?

Really no talent here at all though it’s kind of you to say.
Paper and pen, and then a photo is exactly the way I do it…