Baby booties - pulling 1 stitch through multiple stitches

photo 3 & 4

"Pull 1st stitch through the rest of them (pic 4) how do I do this? Are only 12 stitches pulled through leaving 3 on the needle?

There should be 12 sts in that middle section. There are 16sts on either side which aren’t worked yet. All I can think is that photo 4 is showing you partway in the process of slipping all the sts over the one stitch. Sort of a knit 12 together.

(I don’t see why photo 3 shows 14sts either if it comes to that.)

thank you…you are always so helpful :slight_smile:

If you need to go through a whole bunch of stitches, a crochet hook can save your sanity :slight_smile: It’s a lot easier.


wow, that really does make it easier… I already have the crochet hook handy as I did the provisional cast on using the crochet hook method.