Baby Booties- look like doggies

These felted booties were called slippers in the book I got them from, but I think of slippers for people who can walk and I think these are for a baby who can’t walk yet, so I call them booties. :wink:

The book I got from the library and I think the name was Baby Head to Toes (or close to that :oops:) I used Patons Classic Merino wool for the dark ones for the felted part, and some Phildar Loisirs 139 for the cuffs of both pair. The larger ones are made from the middle size of the three offered. I thought they were a bit big so made the small ones out of some fine wool in the smallest size.

I think these are real cute, but require a lot of “crafty” stuff, making the little parts and sewing them on. I’m really not the crafty type. It’s amazing that I like to knit. :lol: I’d only make these for the “specialest” (Yes, spellchecker, I know that isn’t a word. :slight_smile:

OMG- those are too cute!!! I love the little pink tongues hanging out.

Those are adorable!

Aww! So cute!:yay:

So sweet! I love the little tongues :teehee:

Really nicely made. Is the ribbed top quite giving or fairly tight?


I haven’t had a baby to try them on yet. I think they will be snug, but they stretch nicely. I’m hoping they won’t be kicked right off. I’m hoping for the best.

To everybody else who has commented: Thanks very much.:grphug:


Those are the sweetest little booties!

haha those are tooooo cute! Great job!

Those are so cute!

I love them, they are so cute. I would love to find that pattern to make some for my grandson for Christmas. I think the are cute as they can be, but I think the pattern designer erred putting the pompoms and tongue on. A baby that could kick or pull them off his feet could chew on them and choke on either the pompoms or the little tongue. I gues I would probably embroider the eyes, nose and tongue on, which wouldn’t be nearly as cute, but safer.


:passedout:omy goodness, those are the cutest booties I’ve ever seen- I LOVE them!!

awwww those are cute! I want some for my baby girl! :yay:


The pattern did call for a commercial pom pom to be used for a nose, but I didn’t do that. On one pair I knitted a bobble for the nose and sewed it on real tight before I felted them and then sewed it on some more afterward. On the small pair I made a knitted a little nose shaped flat piece and felted it first and sewed it on real good. The eyes, I think they said to embroider, but I made little round things, can’t remember how :oops:, that I knitted and sewed on after felting the booties (eyes I didn’t felt). Ears are sewn on then felted, as are the tails and tongues. I sewed them on pretty good, but you are right, they may be able to chew them off if left attended while wearing them. I think I’ll tell them to take them off the baby if they are not around to see what she is up to.

Your thoughts are good. Merigold

For those of you who would like to try this pattern, I went and looked up the exact name of the book it came from. It is called [U]Baby Knits Head & Toes[/U]. Like I said I got it at the library, but I have seen it in stores as well. Here is a picture of what to look for.

This book has 15 patterns for hats and socks/foot wear. :cool:


What cute booties! They are just adorable! :inlove: