Baby Booties Help Needed - D. Bliss baby cashmerino

I am making baby booties for a knitting friend - a first time mom. Never did I think these things would be so h-a-r-d.

They are the pink sandals in the Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino Book. I am at the end of the pattern and can’t for the life of me figure out what this means. I have already been to my LYS for help twice on previous parts of the pattern so any help would be appreciated.

I knitt the base of the bootie - then I knit the front strap…
(here is the stuff I don’t understand)
Join sole and back heel seam.
With right side facing, beg and end within 9sts of back seam, k up 18 sts along heel for ankle strap (How do I know where to start and what does it mean to k up?)
NEXT ROW: cast on 22 (into the base of the shoe or just free standing cast on?), k to end, turn and cast on 4 sts.

Again, thank you!

Knit up means to pick up stitches, British style, so you’d pick up 18 stitches, starting 9 stitches before it and ending 9 stitches after it.

Cast on 22 is just that–casting on 22 stitches. I don’t have this book, so I can’t look at the pattern to be clearer as to what part of the bootie it is.

Hi, I am having trouble with the end of the pattern also, did you have success? It is very hard to understand, many thanks

Welcome to KH!
Congrats on getting almost to the end. Where are you having trouble in the pattern? You can quote a few lines here although not large portions of the pattern because of copyright problems.
Which Debbie Bliss baby booties pattern is it?

Thank you! It’s the sandals. I am struggling with the last part after sewing up heel seam, casting on for the strap, I have tried it but it looks totally wrong!

The idea is to mark off 9 sts on either side of the heel seam. Then start at the right side (with the outside of the bootee facing you) and pick up 18sts. The working yarn will be coming off the end of the needle in your left hand. Cast on 22sts at the end of the needle using the working yarn strand.

Now knit back across those same 22sts and continue to knit the 18 picked up sts. Once you’re at the end of the row, cast on 4 more sts.

Here’s a drawing showing where to pick up sts and how the two ends of the strap will lookL
1 bootees turned

Here’s a video for casting on at the end of a row. The video shows a knit cast on which is a nice one to use. She purls the newly added sts but your instructions are to knit them.

Thank you so very very much, this is fantastic!!