Baby booties for twins

I made these for a friend of mine that just had twins…

They are my first set of booties… think I like doing sock better, but this is the pattern I used…

So cute!! Were they difficult to do ? I’ve never done socks but do need to do some booties.

Very cute. Love the colors.

So cute and soooo tiny too. Good job! Thanks for the link.

Awww how cute is that!

SO CUTE! Love LOVE the colors.

Way too cute :slight_smile: Nice work.

So precious! My granddaughter is now two and I still love to kiss on her feet, baby booties are just so wonderful for those little feet! Bet you could extend them to fit older babies, too! Mary

Aww how cute!

serisouly cute; i love them


They really weren’t hard at all. The first one I didn’t enjoy as much as the second set. Don’t know why, but socks were so much more fun!

Have you done small circular knitting? I liked the fact that I didn’t have to seam them…

you did a beautiful job on these booties! Yours look much better then the originals!! GREAT JOB :muah:

ooh, oooh, oooh, SOO cute!!

These are adorable and they bring back sweet memories for me, a mom of twins.

The colors are nice and they look very thick and warm. Good booties.

So adorable! I’ve never made a single bootie! I must get with the program! Thanks for sharing your wonderful work with us!

Thank you all so much!

hainangel, that’s one of the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me! :aww:

Those are really cute!

:yay: how cute!! They look great…