Baby Bootie with attached Socks

I’m trying to find a free pattern for some baby booties that had socks attached to them.
They looked so cute, like the socks were seperate, but they were connected to the bootie.
Does anybody know the link to a pattern like this one?
I’d really appreciate it! :muah:

This one?

there’s a preemie/newborn size mary-jane sock here.

Oh my goodness! That’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! I must have this pattern!

:thumbsup: I want it, too.

ETA: Oops I just realized you said FREE pattern.:think:

I haven’t seen any free patterns like that…but I do have the onementioned below…they are very well written…I made the little boy shoe just gotta make the match :yay:

I am working on a pair of those Merry Janes (not the frilly socks though) and just wanted to say that the pattern is very well written and worth every penny. They are so cute!! I didn’t have any sport weight yarn so they are a bit large using ww yarn, but they are just adorable so far!