Baby bootie help

I need clarification on a Zoe Mellor baby bootie pattern. I’ve done the cuff and then the pattern reads "Divide for top of foot. K25, turn, p13, turn. On 13 sts, work 4 rows in stockinette " It continues with more instructions for working the 13 sts. I don’t get it…I’m starting with 38 sts, so if I knit 25 and then turn my work won’t I be purling 13 sts onto the partial row of 25 I just did? I’ve made socks and have always k2tog when I began to turn the heel…maybe this is something completely different? Any thoughts? Thanks!

You’re not turning the heel here. You’re working the top of the foot–the instep. Then I suspect that after you knit the top of the foot you’ll pick up around the edges and live stitches to work down the sides of the foot.

Just work those 13, leaving the others on the needle for now.

I made these a few months back, and ingrid is right, you are working on the instep. You will pick up stitches on either side of these 13 stitches, once you have knitted an inch or so of instep.

Thanks for your help…don’t know why I was so confused by this…I finished one of the booties this afternoon and am on my way with the second one!