Baby bootie Blues

Hi All,

I was doing well making these “simple” baby booties. I’m using two needles. I did the cast on’s, the slip’s, the K2tog’s, the yo’s and even the turns. I WAS CELEBRATING! my first baby bootie (my first sock even) :happydance: Then I got to the part of the instructions that read as follows:

To make foot: With RS of work facing, pick up and knit 11 sts
along side of instep. K13 from left hand needle. Pick up and knit
11 sts along other side of instep. Knit across rem 16 sts.

Is this the gusset? And if it is, is there anyway to do it with only two needels or do I need to go get myself another needle? oh, I really love some step by step help here…

I just posted instructions on how to do this exact thing under another baby bootie question. Check it out, and if you still have ??? I’ll see if I can be clearer. :smiley:

[color=blue] Qiana, :smiley: OMG so funny I just asked about this same step in a pattern (lace and diamond bootees) I am working on lol. I am going to try and try again tonight… let me know how you make out and we can compare notes k? It does seem that I should be following a gusset pattern and have more than 2 needles lol… Good luck! :cheering: [/color]

I looked at
and guess what … SUCCESS!!! :happydance:

I didn’t get the exact correct number of stitches cast as predicted in the pattern, but so what! It’s the cutest baby booty I have ever seen! (now i just have to do one more…

Well good for you!