Baby bootees

Hello! I’m doing bootees for my baby but I can’t understand the instructions for the making ridge.
The patterns says
Next row: *Ktog 1st from needle and 1 st from 1st row of st-st, rep from *to end.
I’m not sure what a st from needle is.
Can someone please help me?
Thank you very much!

This is going to make a ridge or tuck. You’ll be knitting together one stitch from the left needle and one stitch from several rows below.
Here’s a video that may help. Purl Soho is attaching the live sts on the needle to the cast on edge but you’ll be attaching the live sts on the needle to the first row of st st.

It’s a really good idea to pick up the sts from the first row of st st on another needle to insure that you have the same stitch count between the two needles.

If this doesn’t help come back and ask again. That’s such a good idea to make bootees for your baby and congrats on the baby!