Baby Bonnet Pattern

Hi everyone! I’ve been a lurker for a couple of months now, I just love this message board! I’m new to knitting and very pregnant (due any day now). I’ve mostly been working on scarves and the Blockbuster Afghan, that’s been my WIP for 3 months now.
I’ve decided that I want to make a baby bonnet for the new baby but I can’t seem to find the right pattern. I have Lion Brand Velvetspun and Fun Fur and would like to make the bonnet out of the Velvetspun with a Fun Fur trim. (Is that too tacky?). Since I’m on bedrest I haven’t been able to get out to the LYS for some really good stuff so I wanted to try with what I have. Does anyone know of any bonnet patterns that might fit? Thanks so much!!

Welcome to KH and congratulations on the coming baby!

Velvetspun and fun fur wouldn’t be my first choice for a baby, or anything really, because I hate knitting with them, but if you like them then go for it!

The biggest problem you’ll have I think is finding a pattern for a baby using these yarns. Most baby patterns are knit with finer yarns… like sport, DK or worsted weight.

Here’s a site that has lots of baby patterns…I’ve linked to the hats, but here are other patterns, too. Maybe one of them is a bulky hat.

ETA: I did find a hat on the Lion Brand site for that type yarn. You can see it’s pretty bulky. Also not a bonnet.

And these are for bulky yarn so they might work.

You could also knit a rectangle, fold it in half and seam, then add ties for a simple bonnet, too.

You’re right, my dear Grandmother is probably looking down on me in horror for trying to use such a thick yarn for a baby. She knit for 80 years before passing away, it was her life. She only used what seemed like the thinnest needles and yarn as she knit mostly baby things. I think I’ll just wait and get something thinner. Thanks so much for the links!
Oh, and in case you’re wondering, I did not take advantage of all her wonderful skills while she was alive. I only started learning to knit after she had already passed. Stupid me!

My grandma knit a long time ago and I never learned from her either so don’t feel bad! :hug:

Here’s a few more patterns that are cute when you do get other yarn.

I made this one and it came out really cute! I didn’t add the ears though.

And while you’re waiting for yarn you could make this with the Velvetspun!

I love the velvetspun, it’s a perfect choice for baby things. It’s super soft and very forgiving - hides mistakes well :wink:
good luck on your bonnet! the only thing, do you think the fur trim might shed and bother the baby?